You can read about aerodynamics, but you won’t learn to fly. However, you can learn to fly a flight simulator in a risk-free environment where pilots can safely make the wrong decisions without damaging expensive equipment or causing loss of life.

Playing Lean Simulation is a “flight simulator” for innovation and Lean Startups. This is a nice board game in which players are forced to make difficult choices, not once risking their life savings or their work. The worst case scenario is a humiliating defeat in the hands of his colleagues, where the beginning seemed very promising.

In Playing Lean, teams compete with each other and try to follow the path from the idea for a business model (product) to winning against the competition. The choices you make during the game are difficult: do you risk and build what seems to be desirable by the market, or maybe it is worth spending funds on market research and analysis to understand the needs of the future consumer? Risk or conduct an examination?

Playing Lean simulation allows you to experience the process of introducing a new product. Along the way, players will learn the basic concepts and vocabulary related to Lean Startup. We learn better through fun. Knowledge associated with practical experience and the thrill of competing allows for more effective consolidation of acquired knowledge.

  • Length: 2 day
  • Level: Foundation
  • Form: 25% lectures / 75% workshops
  • Enrolment: Training on demand for groups
  • Logistics: At the customer’s premises (on-site) or anywhere else


  • Introduction to Lean Startup
    • Understanding the basic assumptions of Lean and Lean Startup
    • Introduction to Lean Canvas
    • Discussion of individual areas of Lean Canvas and Business Model Canvas
  • Playing Lean simulation game
    • The game is divided into 4 competing teams (the game is also possible in smaller groups)
  • Retrospective and analysis of cases that occurred during the game
  • Discussion of famous examples related to Lean Startup
  • Recommendations and continuing learning Lean principles

Learners taking this course are:

  • Future and current founders of startups
  • Business Development Managers
  • Entrepreneurs interested in optimizing the process of creating and selling products
  • People working in the area of innovation
  • Product / project sponsors
  • Future and current Project Managers seeking improvements
  • Middle level staff
  • Everyone interested in using Lean Startup in practice


The training price is 2000 PLN net and includes:

  • 1 intensive workshop and lecture day,
  • 15 years of trainer’s experience in the IT industry,
  • 10 years of trainer’s experience in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean IT,
  • additional materials helpful in further learning (for those interested),
  • exam recommendations and tips,
  • certificate confirming participation in the training,
  • post-training support of the trainer.

The price is the net price for companies and the gross price for individuals.


After completing the training, participants receive the Playing Lean certificate.

Pictures from Playing Lean workshops

Another session of Playing Lean workshops in the company of project managers, business analysts and team leaders
(October 2016)

Playing Lean in an agile version. Workshop session with the participation of agile project managers and scrum masters.
(October 2016)

Agile by Example conference and Playing Lean workshop session
(October 2016)

Strategic decisions during the Lean Startup workshop at ABE 2016
(October 2016)

Google Campus Warsaw filled with the energy of Playing Lean
(October 2016)

Playing Lean workshops for TechHub Warsaw and Google Campus Warsaw
(October 2016)

Trainer's experience

Numerous case studies are discussed, resulting from the rich, 15 years of international training experience of the trainer and from 10 years of experience in implementing Agile and more than 10 agile / digital transformations.

The training is conducted by the best Polish Agile trainer. As the only Agile Coach in Poland, trainer is certified from all key agile frameworks and methodologies and also certified from the PROSCI method to carry out transformations. Additionally trainer is certified from tools / tests for personality assessment and communication styles as well as team building and analysis of team strengths and strengths:

Main trainer certifications in the field of Agile:

Main trainer certifications in the field of Change Management / Transformation:

  • PROSCI ADKAR: Methodology, process and tools for carrying out changes in organizations including agile / digital transformations (certified by PROSCI Inc.)

Main trainer certifications in the field of questionnaires / tests / tools for testing personality, competences, strengths of people as well as for conflict management and team building:

  • DISC D3: DISC D3 personality / competence test (DISC / TEAMS / VALUES / BAI) (certified by PeopleKeys).
    • Application: Team building; Building personal self-awareness; Building awareness about communication styles and preferences.
  • SDI: Strength Deployment Inventory (certified by Personal Strengths Publishing).
    • Application: Building team maturity in conflict self-management.
  • MBTI: Myers-Briggs questionnaire (MBTI) to measure human preferences of perceiving the world and making decisions (certified by The Myers & Briggs Foundation).
    • Application: Team building; Building personal self-awareness.
  • BELBIN: BELBIN Team Role Test (certified by BELBIN Associates).
    • Application: Building very efficient and well-coordinated teams created with all necessary competences (and personality traits) to achieve success.