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Mentoring Agile


Are you starting your journey as a Scrum Master? Or maybe you are already an experienced Agile Coach or Product Owner? Or are you looking for support in your professional development and don’t know how to take the first step towards becoming a Scrum Master?

Mentoring sessions are always a good time for me. Time that I can devote to others, just as others once devoted it to me, directing and catapulting my pace of development in IT (thanks Marcin!). And so now, partly out of sentiment, partly under the “pressure” of friends (more on that in the second paragraph) 😊, I feel obliged.

Getting ready for a "Trudne Sprawy" Zoom call with my Teams at WPEngine Miroslaw Dabrowski

So I invite you to participate in an individual mentoring session with me!


Mirek was an instructor of the UML course I participated in. I was really impressed with his wide IT knowledge and his computer's passion. I can (...)

Ostatnio miałam szansę uczestniczyć w szkoleniu z ITIL prowadzonym przez Mirka. Dzięki zaangażowaniu prowadzącego, oraz umiejętności zaprezentowania (...)

Miroslaw Dabrowski is absolutely great at what he does. He does an excellent job of coaching and helping you to see how your project can be done in (...)

Maciej Kordała
Maciej Kordala ★ PRINCE2

How did mentoring come about?

I have been actively developing in the IT industry for 20 years (starting from the times of Amiga and C64). The last 15 years have witnessed intensive development in broadly understood agility and team scaling, both in Polish and international organizations. I was responsible for or supported many transformations, organizational changes and Agile maturity tests (including ABCData/Also, Asseco Poland, BNP Paribas, BZWBK Bank, CircleK, E NET Production, InterCars, Maruta-Wachta, Roche, PWPW Santander, WPEngine ).

For years (formally or informally) I have supported friends and acquaintances in their development through mentoring sessions in the areas of Agile and professional careers in IT. Having already had a dozen or so people on my account, I received the same question more and more often: “But Mirek, how come you don’t do it professionally? If you enjoy it and you’re good at it, maybe it’s worth sharing your time with a larger group of people?”


The topics of the meetings are individually selected to suit your needs and it is ideal if the topic is known to me before our meeting. However, it all depends on your needs. If you prefer a conversation without a pre-determined agenda or topic, that is absolutely possible.

A single session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes – depending on the topic and your requirements.


The cost of one session is 500 PLN net / ~115 EURO

In the case of a series of meetings, we will set the rate and agenda individually to make it comfortable for you.

How to sign up for a session?

Make an appointment for a mentoring session by booking the date directly in my calendar

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