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Disciplined Agile® (DA) allows you to choose your IT process for delivering sophisticated agile solutions in the enterprise. It builds on the existing proven practices from agile methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean software development, Kanban, Unified Process (UP), Agile Modeling (AM) and others to include other aspects necessary for success in the enterprise.

Disciplined Agile (DA) fills in the gaps left by mainstream methods by guiding how to effectively plan and kickstart complex projects and apply a full lifecycle approach, with lightweight milestones, effective metrics, and agile governance.

  • Length: 2 days
  • Level: Foundation
  • Form: 75% lectures / 25% workshops
  • Enrolment: Training on demand for groups
  • Logistics: At the customer’s premises (on-site) or anywhere else (online)


  • Introduction to Agile and Agility
  • Brief overview of Scrum as a basis of other scalable Agile frameworks
  • Introduction to Disciplined Agile (DA): Learn about the four delivery lifecycles supported by DA; how DA is a hybrid that shows how proven practices from a range of sources fits together; how to take a flexible, non-prescriptive approach to agile development; the importance of being enterprise aware.
  • Agile Foundations: A brief overview of foundational agile and lean concepts such as the Agile Manifesto, the Disciplined Agile Manifesto, Kanban, Lean Software Development, and agile methods including Scrum, Extreme Programming, Agile Modeling, Agile Data, Unified Process, and others.
  • Disciplined Agile roles: Team Lead (ScrumMaster), Product Owner, Architecture Owner, Team Member, Stakeholder + five more optional scaling roles.
  • Inception Phase: Covers key activities for initiating a DA team, including initial requirements modelling, initial architecture modelling, initial release planning, strategies for your physical and virtual work environments, initial risk identification, and driving to a shared vision with your stakeholders.
  • Construction Phase: Describes many technical strategies for building consumable increments of your solution, including test-driven development (TDD), acceptance TDD, how to initiate an iteration/sprint, look-ahead modelling and planning, spikes, regular coordination meetings, continuous integration, continuous deployment, whole-team testing, parallel independent testing, information radiators, Kanban boards, burn up charts, and many more. In this module we also look at agile construction from a traditional point of view, showing how activities such as architecture, analysis, design, testing, management, and user experience (UX) are addressed all the way through the lifecycle.
  • Transition Phase: Overviews strategies for releasing the solution to your stakeholders.
  • Advanced topics: We examine critical topics such as strategies for adopting Disciplined Agile, how to govern disciplined agile teams, and how to scale agile at both the tactical and strategic levels.
  • Simulation: hands-on simulation of a disciplined DA team using Lego.
  • Summary: A Retrospective.


  • Program or Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Lead
  • Business or System Analyst
  • Agile Coach
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Consultant
  • Engineer / Developer
  • Program Manager
  • Change Agent
  • IT practitioners new to agile who want to get an effective start at agile solution delivery
  • Existing agile practitioners who want to take it to the next level
  • Senior IT Management who want to gain a deep understanding of how to take a disciplined approach to agile solution delivery


  • Basic concepts of agile, and advanced topics such as scaling Agile
  • How to deliver refined Agile solutions in the enterprise
  • Methods of avoiding incorrect Agile solutions that are both futile and costly
  • How to combine architecture, design, testing, programming, quality assurance, data administration and other aspects of software delivery for smooth execution
  • How to customize Agile solutions to suit the needs of your organization

Disciplined Agile Life Cycles types

The Agile Life Cycle: A Scrum-based Life Cycle

The Lean Life Cycle: A Kanban-based Project Life Cycle

The Continuous Delivery: Agile Life Cycle

The Continuous Delivery: Lean Life Cycle

The Exploratory (Lean Startup) Life Cycle

The Program Life Cycle for a Team of Teams

Disciplined Agile Life Cycles in details

The Disciplined Agile model


Mirek has turned out to be a most creative, collaborative, inquisitive, challenging, humourous, proactive, quick and agile ambassador of the ASL BiSL (...)

Great material and training capability offered by Miroslaw - thank you for being a collaborative leader in the field of Axelos Best practices!

Miałam okazję uczestniczyć w szkoleniu PRINCE2 prowadzonym przez Mirka. Metodologia dość ciężka w odbiorze natomiast dzięki prowadzącemu całość (...)

Agnieszka (Biczyk) Biczyk-Siembab
Agnieszka Biczyk-Siembab ★ PRINCE2

I participated in an 80-hour Java programming course led by Mirosław, and I wholeheartedly recommend him as an outstanding trainer. Mirosław possesses (...)

Mirosław managed to make boring Management of Risk training interesting. His knowledge is very broad, what impress me the most is his own internet (...)

Anna Tomaszewska
Anna Tomaszewska ★ AgilePM, ITIL, M_o_R

I was taking part in AgilePM accredited course led by Mirek. It was very valuable and profitable experience full of pragmatic approach to AgilePM / (...)

Miałem ogromną przyjemność uczestniczyć w kursie agile/scrum prowadzonym przez Mirosława. Ogromny zastrzyk wiedzy, warsztatowe, bardzo pragmatyczne (...)

Mirosław has a huge overview about lots of IT areas that made him a perfect designer, advisor and auditor for building professional and high quality (...)

Magdalena Moeller
Magdalena Moeller ★ OCP JavaSE 6

Miałem przyjemność uczestniczyć w szkoleniu PRINCE2® Foundation prowadzonym przez Mirka. Szkolenie zostało przeprowadzone w sposób bardzo przystępny. (...)

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