years of nonlinear experience in IT
years of practice as international trainer
parallel roles as coach, trainer, entrepreneur
clients (public and private sector)
commercial and non-profit projects
led or coached agile teams
hours training and coaching
people trained across Poland and Europe
certifications from IT and management
designed courses and courseware materials
trainer accreditations from different vendors
passion (starting from C64 and Amiga 500)

Providing value through IT and management

I have over 13 years of professional experience in IT. In projects, I have been involved performing different roles. I started as a programmer and web designer. I worked as a business analyst and system analyst, IT architect, PM, auditor, IT director and chief operating officer. I have been involved with projects ranging from small-scale sites to complex multi-national e-commerce systems with annual cash-flow at a level of 10 mld PLN and enterprise portals for public institutions. Nicely and grandly called enterprise-class solutions, with a strong emphasis on compliance and regulations / by standards. I think that on the one hand, I learned the importance of good UI/UX, and on the other how complex and business-critical IT systems can be (including project’s and organization’s management systems).

For several years I have been running my own software house focusing on dedicated solutions for clients. What makes the recommendations that he provides in the consulting and coaching work, I also implement in my own organization.

I worked for Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Symantec, APMG International and many other smaller companies across public and private sectors.

Over the last 12 years I trained and coached teams from: ABC Data, Arvato, Asseco, Atena, Bank BPH, Bank WBK, Capgemini, Deutsche Bank Polska, IDEO, Infovide-Matrix, ING, Interia, Kemira, Macoscope, Media-Saturn, Ministerstwo Finansów, Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości, Nokia Siemens Networks, Oracle, Orange, PGE, RTV, Euro AGD, Scania, Sopra Steria, Sygnity, Tieto, Tauron, UBS, UEK, Unity, Volvo IT, ZUS and many more.

Psychology in Business and Project Management conference
(October 2016)

The organizations I have worked with

Live interview for Polsat News about haker attack WannaCry
(May 2017)

Live interview for TVP Info about Polish Financial Supervision Authority
(February 2017)

Interview for Polsat News TV about data recovery and information security
(April 2014)

Live interview for TVP Info about IANA Stewardship Transition to ICANN
(August 2016)

Accredited/certified trainer from

350 people in one place wanting to know more about Agilie
(April 2017)

Speaking about Agility during PMI Wroclaw Seminar
(April 2017)

Energical and with good humour workshops from Management 3.0
(April 2016)

Psychology in Business and Project Management conference
(October 2016)

International achievements and distinctions

The official subject matter expert at AXELOS, owner recognized around the world best practice: PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, P3O, M_o_R, MOV, ITIL and RESILIA

Finalist of the international Agile Awards 2015 in two categories: Best DSDM team and Outstanding contribution to the promotion of DSDM methodologies

Agile Business Consortium International Ambassador responsible for promoting agile standards and agile transformation frameworks

DSDM International Ambassador of DSDM Consortium responsible for development and translation of methodologies: DSDM, AgilePM, AgilePgM and AgileBA

ASL BiSL Foundation Ambassador Poland of ASL BiSL Foundation responsible for developing and translation of ASL and BiSL frameworks

Official Ambassador of OBASHI methodology allowing easy and unambiguous visualisation of relationships between and IT assets and business units

The winner of the competition for the Volunteer of the Year 2015, organized by the Project Management Institute Poland Chapter

My work and attitude

I manage my professional methodically. Useful and intuitive software, as well as clean code is what I have always appreciated, and still do. For many years now the unity of the art of software engineering, project/product management and a constant striving for greatness of the developed software – the perfect, unattainable and undefined definition of excellence. I do not like compromises and hiding the skeletons in the closet. I question the surrounding world openly (but still with respect), defending what is most important – user experience.

I try to have a broader horizon, than the upcoming invoice or the closest deal. I worked closely with people who taught me how to organise my work, build a healthy working environment and engagement. Those were valuable lessons – a lot of lessons learned and great solutions. A grand journey through trials, analysis, drawing conclusions and adapting to the surrounding environment. Personal and professional development. I am extremely happy and thankful for this period to be able to continue.

I work conceptively, together with my team. We are designing agile processes and shaping organisations, observing good patterns as well as good and bad practices in organisations. I work with and for the teams, as those are the basis of success. During my training courses I apply what’s already working, ie the Kolb Cycle and techniques included in the Training From the Back of the Room.

I demand a lot from myself. I gladly get my hands dirty and not lose time talking about kid gloves. I get engaged in the current issues the teams are facing and remove actual obstacles, standing in the way. I just make things work, simple as that.

I like to sleep less and do more. An idealist who cares about small details.

About me

I currently view myself as a trainer and agile team’s coach with rich international business and technical experience. I talk to company owners, stakeholders and decision makers in order to make them aware of the benefits and threats stemming from agile management. I coach the management to build awareness and importance of the agile transformation.

From the operational standpoint, I organise the work of programming teams, supporting them on the way to being agile. I create a unique environment allowing for development and creative work. Whatever one would call me, I am simply a person, who values balance, project order and a healthy work atmosphere. I try to share my knowledge and teach others, passing my “know how” to make them fully independent and even better than I am.

The values that I treasure: transparency, creativity, courage, engagement, adaptability, openness, constant development, respect and cooperation.

The very first in Poland Playing Lean workshop
(May 2016)

Workshops from PRINCE2 Agile for PMI Poland Chapter
(April 2016)

Another Apollo 13 ITSM workshop
(October 2016)

Delivering one of many accreedited trainings for Sun Microsystems
(November 2008)

DSDM International Ambassadors meeting
(October 2015)

Colleagues, participants of my seminars and workshops as well as business clients have given high quality feedback of my approach to work and myself. If you would like to find out more on opinions of recipents of my contact them directly. If you are interested in obtaining more information on my professional career and interview with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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