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I constantly care about my development so my customers can benefit from the latest solutions available worldwide. For this reason, I'm actively participating in the activities of leading organizations, associations, foundations, and consortiums related to strategic management, IT management, project management, and agile management.

ASL BiSL Foundation Ambassador Poland badge

ASL BiSL Foundation (ABF)

ABF is an organization that operates in the domains of business information management (BIM) and application management, promoting a process-based approach to management. The Foundation develops two standards: Application Services Library (ASL) and Business Information Services Library (BiSL), which are closely related to the area of IT service management (ITIL standard).

I help organizations build awareness of the importance of business information as the missing link in the area of IT service management. As the official Ambassador of the Foundation, I care about translations and give my opinion on translations of documents from the above-mentioned standards.

During the visit to ASL BiSL Foundation headquarters.
(Utrecht, Holland. December 2014)

ASL BiSL Foundation mind maps

Application Service Library 2
Interactive Mind Map

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Business Information Service Library
Interactive Mind Map

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AXELOS is a joint venture established in 2014 by the UK government and Capita plc to develop and manage qualifications in best project management and IT practices previously held by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). The company currently has a wide portfolio of good practices that include dealing with projects (including agile management since 2015), programs, investment portfolios, support offices, risk, value, IT services, and IT security. Widely recognized standards such as PRINCE2 (over a million certified specialists) and ITIL (over two million certified specialists) are in many organizations the basic model according to which projects are implemented and IT services are maintained.

Currently, AXELOS offers:

  • PRINCE2 – PRojects IN Controlled Environments
  • PRINCE2 Agile – PRojects IN Controlled Environments Agile
  • AgileSHIFT
  • MSP – Managing Successful Programmes
  • MoP – Management of Portfolios
  • M_o_R – Management of Risk
  • MoV – Management of Value

As a subject matter expert, I am dedicated to promoting standards both globally and in Poland. I assist organizations in integrating the processes outlined in AXELOS best practices with other processes within the client’s organization. I also translate and review translations of AXELOS products, ensuring quality, consistency, and compliance with industry terminology and the specific requirements of each country.

A gift from PRINCE2 Agile lead author
(September 2015)

AXELOS mind maps

PRojects IN Controlled Environments
Interactive Mind Map

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Managing Successful Programmes
Interactive Mind Map

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 Management of Portfolios
Interactive Mind Map

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Management of Risk
Interactive Mind Map

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Management of Value
Interactive Mind Map

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Portfolio, Programme and Project
Interactive Mind Map

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Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Interactive Mind Map

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DSDM International Ambassador badge

Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) Consortium

DSDM is one of the first organizations in the world focused on agile project management (early 1990s). Its name derives from the methodology of the same name. Currently, the consortium offers a much wider range of agile management standards:

  • AgilePM – Agile Project Management,
  • AgileBA – Agile Business Analysis,
  • AgileDS – Agile Digital Services,
  • AgilePgM – Agile Programme Management,
  • Scrum Master & Scrum Product Owner,
  • BusinessAgility.Works.

Voluntarily, as an official ambassador for the DSDM Consortium, I help promote the Agile Business Consortium as a brand, including the standards under its umbrella, such as AgilePM, AgileBA, AgileDS, and others. I implement DSDM methodologies in both the private and public sectors in Poland and Europe. Additionally, I translate DSDM and AgilePM methodologies into Polish and help develop the consortium’s strategy and business contacts, extending its reach to organizations seeking agile management methods.

Annual meeting of DSDM Consortium International Ambassadors
(October 2015)

DSDM mind maps

DSDM® AgilePF®
(6th version)
Interactive Mind Map

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Agile Project Management V2
(AgilePM® V2)
Interactive Mind Map

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Agile Programme Management
Interactive Mind Map

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Agile Business Analysis
Interactive Mind Map

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IPMA Polska logo

International Project Management Association (IPMA)

IPMA is one of the leading international project management organizations. IPMA offers three standards that were refreshed in 2015: ICB4, PEB, and OCB. ICB, for managers and team members. PEB to assess project excellence. OCB is for organizational competence development. Additionally, one of the areas of IPMA’s activities is the International Project Excellence Award. It is a prestigious award given annually to the best-managed projects around the world.

For years, I have been participating in meetings organized by IPMA Poland, either as a participant or as a speaker. I use ICB and PEB standards in my daily design work. I am spreading among my clients the practice of continuous pursuit of undefined design excellence, the features of which can be found in the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline (PEB) publication.

IPMA Poland Silesia Group seminar
(January 2016)

PMI logo color transparent animated

Project Management Institute (PMI)

PMI is one of the largest (700,000 members) and most globally recognized organizations in the field of project management. The PMBOK publication (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is a standard and set of good management practices in the world.

I have been accompanying PMI’s presence in Poland for several years, simultaneously performing several functions. Initially, I was associated with the Warsaw Branch and the Strefa PMI quarterly magazine. Currently, in addition to these roles, I care about the development of the area of WWW portals. As the initiator of the transformation program and IT Product Manager, I care about the investment portfolio in the area of internet portals. I developed a roadmap and vision (including caring for the development, maintenance, and standardization) of 25 websites, which are used by all 11 branches of the PMI Poland Chapter.

PMI Poland Chapter – Strategic Meeting, Łódź / Poland.
(January 2016)

Projects mande for PMI Poland Chapter

PMI PC MegaProjects conference
2017 (non-profit)

PMI PC Wrocław conference
2016 (non-profit)

PMI PC New Trends in Project Management (NTPM) conference
2016 (non-profit)

Project Management KidsCamp
2015 (non-profit)

PMI Poland Chapter official website
2014 (non-profit)

StrefaPMI magazine
2014 (non-profit)

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