Agile Transformations

Agile Transformation using the Scrum framework

It should be recognized that Agile is an organizational change (going significantly beyond IT) that includes entrepreneurship (budgeting, business knowledge, trends, market and end-user needs, etc.), process maturity, project and flow management (proficiency in Agile and Lean), technical maturity (proficiency in software engineering, automation, DevOps, etc.), change management (adaptability, teams, people, culture) and soft skills (communication, conflict management, personality traits, motivators, etc.).

Agile Awareness Session for C-level Executives

Agile Awareness Sessions are conducted for a small, dedicated group of C-level executives and management boards (decision makers). The aim of the workshop is to familiarize recipients with the subject of agile transformations, benefits, risks, costs and forecasts of the transformation process. The meeting also allows to dispel doubts and clarify the widely popular myths and legends associated with agility, which significantly clarifies whether and in which area the customer should apply the agile approach.

Agile Assessments / Audits

Scrum implementation / maturity audit

Agile / digital transformations are becoming more and more popular, also in large organizations. This trend for about 10 years, has become increasingly visible not only in IT departments, but in virtually every field and business sector.

There are various reasons why organizations decide to “implement” an agile approach. On the one hand, it is possible that the methods of value delivery used so far. management and leadership did not bring the expected results. On the other hand, it happens that suppliers themselves are “forced” to provide services in the agile model, otherwise they will not be compatible with the client’s requirements and his procurement processes (called Procurement). They will lose the client to the competition. Another reason is “fashion”, organizations opting for Agile, because this style of management is becoming more common or expected by the employees themselves, especially in the era of so-called “employee era”, ubiquitous body leasing, extremely present especially in the IT industry. Which translates into the needs of building a positive image of the employer (called employer branding) encouraging future employees with an agile culture and a positive work atmosphere.

Kanban implementation / maturity audit

The Kanban Method and System are currently one of the most commonly used methods to increase the competitiveness of workflow and value management companies. Despite the undoubted huge popularity in the world, many organizations still experience problems with its successful implementation (often briefly treating Kanban as an array). One of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the difficulty to properly measure its degree of maturity and efficiency. Without defining the measures and their proper control, we are not able to consciously increase business efficiency. This knowledge helps in deciding how to customize Kanban to show measurably the progress in achieving key business goals.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

We will help you optimize the value you receive from adopting new, lean and agile new ways of working. Our coaches will ensure that your teams maximize their capability uplift, speed the transition, and reduce any productivity dips along the way. Our consultants lead by example – they are hand-picked not only for their extensive experience and capability in lean and agile practices, but also for their ability to coach and inspire others.

Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting

We provide high quality consulting services for customers implementing agile software development – from small co-located teams, through large strategic programs, to geographically dispersed organizations. Whether you’re just getting started, ready to scale up, or looking to embed new practices across your organization, we can support you with our range of agile consulting services to fit your specific needs.

Agile Courses

Agile Courses

We take our hard won experience from the cutting edge of real projects and distil it into practical, hands-on training courses and workshops. All of our courses are delivered by experienced agile practitioners and coaches, hand-picked for their ability to teach, motivate and inspire. We run classes from Agile, Agile practices, Scrum, Kanban, DSDM, AgilePM, NEXUS, LeSS, DAD, SAFe and many more.

Cooperate with us and increase the efficiency of your company and teams!